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START-SMART Small Profile Keypad access and Monitoring Ignition Systems

  • New "low profile" design has NO exposed cables and installs easily to any dashboard (3.5" W X 3" H X 3/4" D) (90mm X 75mm X 20mm)
  • Code input enables device (4-6 digit codes acceptable)
  • RFID card reader models allow for both code or RFID enabling--use company ID card to enable device
  • Start/Stop vehicle (engine or electric) directly from keypad - NO KEYS!
  • All models designed for harsh outdoor conditions--sealed and potted internally for extreme environments
  • Inexpensive system to eliminate keys and keep untrained operators off the equipment
  • USB port allows for programming users and expiration dates and downloading event usage logs
  • Wired relay connects to vehicle ignition switch (3 wires on IC; 2 wires on EL)
  • Installs in minutes to any diesel, gas, LPG or electric machine (Has programmable ignition delay to charge Glow Plug circuit for Diesel applications)
  • All electronics are sealed internally for tough, abusive outdoor applications-- Waterproof and vandal proof IP67
  • High reliability for the toughest applications and toughest equipment
  • Programmed w/ programmer’s code from keypad--accepts up to 4000 users (215 models with USB program from PC)
  • Programmer or supervisor code can temporarily lock out users
  • Temporary "fishermans" delay on keypad delays auto log off after start for up to 99 minutes
  • Can be programmed to require 2 finger start, requiring both START keys be pushed simultaneously to start engine.
  • When connected to seat switch, device will "time out" and shut off unit and engine in programmable # minutes
  • 215 model allows review of usage log for usage time by machine or operator and start--stop times
  • Training can be scheduled in conjunction with expiration date of user code/card (215 model)
Auxiliary Input:
  • Enabled by programmer on keypad or enabled from PC/USB connection (default is disabled)
  • Connected to either: seat switch, seat belt switch, overload sensor, low oil or high temperature input (When this input goes "high", START-SMART WARNING LED will flash and will shut ignition down in 1 minutes of continuous signal)
  • Benefits:
  • Start + Stop engine directly from keypad----NO KEYS!!
  • Keeps untrained and unauthorized users from starting your equipment
  • Can shut down engine if low oil or high temp problem occurs
  • ANTI-THEFT wireless relay option prevents “hot wiring” and theft of your equipment
How it works:
  • Driver enters his own personal PIN code after he is trained and authorized (4 digits) (RFID models use code or card)
  • Driver presses START key to start vehicle (both ignition and starter relays engage--starter turning over engine)
  • Driver releases START key after engine starts (starter relay drops out--ignition relay remains engaged)
  • Driver presses STOP key to stop engine (ignition relay drops out---stopping engine)
  • Device times out in 1 minute after STOP is pressed (1 minute is set as default – Time Out setting can be changed)
  • Start set up options (programmed from keypad)
  • IC (default): START works immediately after code accepted
  • Program in or out operator codes
  • Program in auto log off time (device times out after STOP is pressed)
  • Delay----temporary delay of auto shut down (up to 99 minutes)
  • Program in aux input shut down time (time to shut down after aux input goes high)
  • Lock out vehicle to common operators and "unlock" vehicle again to all operators

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