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KEYTROLLER 105 Vehicle Monitoring, Keyless Ignition System


  • Code or RFID card reader enables device (code expiration for training purposes on SM and IM models)
  • Start/Stop vehicle (engine or electric) directly from keypad - NO KEYS!
  • Simple PASS or FAIL automation of operator daily checklist (shutdown on FAIL press for checklist)
  • Schedules maintenance by date or hour meter reading, re-settable from PC software.
  • Connections (on SM model) to sense: speed, seat switch, seat belt or low oil/high temperature.
  • Impact sensing on SM model is standard.
  • Optional 105M model indestructible metal piezo keypad for extremely tough applications.
  • Optional:105F model for low profile flush keypad.
  • Optional RFID card reader (Standard or HID Prox type) Driver uses his RFID card to enable device (confirm card type)
  • All user code in/out programming can also be done directly on the device keypad by programmer.
  • Programming and downloading methods:
  • Direct computer connection at RS232 serial port
  • CYBERWIRE wireless radios (2.4ghz Zigbee, 802.11 WiFi or Bluetooth radio options)

How it works:
  • Driver inputs good code (or flashes RFID card) to enable device.
  • Driver presses START key to start vehicle, STOP key to stop or - if connected to seat switch, auto log off.
  • Abusive operators will have impact and speed infractions recorded, also has shut down programming.
  • On SM and IM models, events are time/date/operator/vehicle stamped for downloading, filtering and graphing
  • Auxiliary input can be connected to seat switch, seat belt switch, low pressure/hi temp for auto shutdown.

NOTE: These systems are voltage specific. Be sure to order the correct voltage converter for vehicles with greater than 12v systems. SM (shock/memory module) and IM (internal memory) models include logging capabilities and require PC software. Basic models have the codes manually inputted from keypad with programming code.

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