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KEYTROLLER LCD 601 Vehicle Monitoring System

Designed for applications that requires advanced features like impact -- speed sensing and multiple auxiliary inputs.


  • RFID card reader enables device (code expiration for training purposes)
  • Start/Stop vehicle (engine or electric) directly from keypad - NO KEYS!
  • Automates operator daily checklist (shutdown on critical items, like breaks)
  • Schedules maintenance by date or hour meter reading - re-settable from keypad by mechanic or supervisor.
  • Connections to sense: speed, seat switch, auxiliary input, seat belt or low oil/high temperature.
  • Impact sensing plug in module is optional.
  • Anti-theft.
  • Forklift accessories.
  • Inexpensive WiFi, Zigbee and Bluetooth Wireless options
How it works:
  • TRAINING - Driver inputs good code (or flashes RFID card) to enable device.
  • KEYLESS KEYPAD IGNITION - Driver presses START to start vehicle, STOP to shut down - NO KEYS!!
  • AUTOMATION OF DAILY CHECKLIST - First start of shift requires operators to complete electronic checklist-failed critical items shut down vehicle.
  • CRITICAL ITEM SHUT DOWN - If an operator "FAILS" a critical (flagged) item in the checklist, device will require immediate supervisor interface.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Abusive operators will have impact and speed infractions recorded, also has shut down programming.
  • SHUT DOWN - Device can be programmed to shut down vehicle in X# seconds after a damaging impact--supervisor required.
  • SPEEDOMETER - Vehicles with speed sensor inputs will be able to view speed from color LCD display.
  • SEAT BELT USAGE - When enabled, device can monitor and insure seat belt is buckled.
  • MACHINE MONITORING - 5 Auxiliary inputs for monitoring engine, seat, seat belt, overload etc.
  • EXTERNAL ALARM - 120dB flashing siren alarm can sound after an impact or speeding through grace period.
  • WARNING WHEN TRAINING DUE - Codes/cards can be set to expire warning management of recurrent training scheduling.
  • AUTO LOG OFF - When connected to seat switch, device will "time out" when set time expires, insuring operator is logged out.
  • LOCK OUT - Supervisors and mechanics can lock out driver operators until machine is again ready for service.
  • TEXT MESSAGING - When wirelessly enabled, manager can text message individuals directly from host PC.
  • EMAIL - Management can choose logged items to sent to multiple emails (like: hour meters, failed items, impacts, etc).
  • FILTERING AND GRAPHING OF EVENT LOG - All usage events can be conveniently viewed using KEYPATROLLER client server software.
  • All events are time/date/operator/vehicle stamped for downloading, filtering and graphing.
  • KEYPATROLLER client server software allows multiple access by supervisors

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