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The Viewing Problem

Side loaders are used to move special loads such as large wooden panels and long pieces of wood or iron. Various blind spots can be noted around the vehicle.


The Orlaco solution

The working area is visible when a camera monitor system is used, meaning the operator is now able to work safer, faster and more efficiently.


Orlaco LCD monitors for optimal view
Camera systems on a side loader.

Orlaco’s Colour Compact Camera (CCC) has been specially designed for use in circumstances where shocks, bumps and vibrations are common. The camera shows the working area in detail, enabling the operator to work easier and more enjoyably.

Orlaco camera mounted on the fork board Orlaco rear view camera mounted on the engine compartment
A camera in the fork board. A camera on the motor compartment.



Placing a camera in the fork board is a common application, whereby the load is made visible when it is being picked. Other applications are for e.g. a rear vision camera, a camera on the motor compartment or a camera placed so as to provide visibility of the load.

                     Orlaco Side loader camera solutions                  Orlaco Side loader camera solutions


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