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Push Pulls and Slipsheets are becoming one of the most popular, efficient and cost-effective material-handling product replacing the traditional wooden or plastic pallet.  Slipsheets are primarily made of Plastic or kraft and are used all round the world to ship a growing number of products including: Food and Beverage, Construction Materials, Electronics, Chemicals, and Agriculture.

Slipsheets are used in conjunction with a push pull attachment which can be attached to a standard forklift within minutes. 

Product is stacked on the slipsheet exactly as on pallets.
To on-load, the push-pull unit clamps the edge of the slipsheet and drags it onto a metal plate fixed to the forklift. To off-load, the device gently pushes the slipsheet and product, while the forklift backs away, so the loaded slipsheet slides off in place.


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