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DH CUS Crane RFA also solves material handling needs that cannot be satisfied with standard products found in catalogs or stores.  We offers custom- solutions to accommodate to your needs.
We design and fabricate cranes that can be mounted on forklifts, Stacker or reach trucks.  They can also be design with the following features:

  • Fork mounted
  • Carriage mounted
  • Manual extension
  • Hydraulic extension

Drum Transporter
To help operation transport drums, we have a full range of, fully or semi powered transporters.  They can also design to incoporate the following functions:
  • Clamping
  • Rotating
  • Forward tilting
  • Extension
  • Lifting
  • Sideshifting
DH CUS Drum Transporter

DH CUS Bin Dumper
Bin Dumpers
Bins and containers are commonly used in the industries.  To handler bins, we can customized our machine to handler different sizes based on your requirement.  Our function that can be added includes:

  • Clamping
  • Rotating
  • Forward dumping
  • Lifting

Roll Handler
Design to handler rolls, pipe or any cylindrical shaped products, it can be designed to:

  • Clamp
  • Rotate
  • Lift
  • Extend
With years of experience, we pioneer new applications and creative solutions. We work with you from visualization to design to production, delivering innovative products that service the unique demands for your requirement. Contact us if you have a special requirement. 
DH CUS Roll Handler
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